WHY is there (almost) only girls dancin DANCEHALL in Sweden? Where is all the MEN?

For all u non-swedish-speaking readers, all you need to know about this post is that I am MIGHTY upset that there is only girls that dance dancehall in Sweden... WHY???? I think I know why...

Cuz people has this picture of dancehall being all girly and shakin ur ass, and not really being qualified as a proper dancestyle, but oh how wrong u can be, IT IS A PROPER DANCE STYLE. Although it's not all about the teqnique the base is in theater and FEEEELING. Without it u ain't got nuttin...
Sure, parts of dancehall is about standing on ur head or shakin what ya mam gave ya, but that is just the dancehall queen stuff, there is soooo much more to it. As we say below there is 90% men dancin in Jamaica, and trust me they are NOT shakin their asses AT ALL.

Posted this like two months ago on my facebook:

Ok ja det finns fler än gamla Crime Squad som dansar dancehall men inte straight som på Jamaica. Står tillsammans i ett crew, gör steg tillsammans, en leder resten hänger på och härmar men gör alltid allt med sitt eget flow. Ahh, I just love it.. Like back in the days:

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ååh däre ju jaag!

2010-08-24 @ 23:23:54
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