U come up with a step... And somebody else puts it out there...

This is like the third time this has happened or sumthin... U come up with sumthing but don't put it on utube or anything cuz u don't have a name for it or what toher reason... And then a couple of months later somebody comes up with the same thing or sumthin similar... N they put it up for the world to se.. GOOSH we need to act more quickly ova here n get our shit out there... Bummer :D

Anyways Swizzle Body's (I think) new thing resembles a ting we did when we [Queline & Melpo] was working with the big time artist Mohombi. Although we did it with another vibe n not a wide n girlie. Gonna see if I can find the clip n show u, cuz we did film it last year.... Until then u have to enjoy the Swizzle Body's n the Xpression Ladies!
// Bless Q


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