URF 2010 part 01

SÅÅÅÅÅJA! It was really nice even if the weather sucked - GOOD
Serengeti - TUNGA tjejer doin their thing. Link di link...
Yanstar & Pautu reklam för MR Vegas, IMORGON @ GK!!
Hon lyckades fastna i år igen.
Äej men de spelar ingen roll hur mkt de regnar, aldrig okej våra små grisar!
Havin fun in the car front
Hela gänget.. Enjoying BUSY SIGNAL - who totally redeemed himself from last year
Chanel & Alex [Enough]
Erik By Erik & JacQie från Enough
We went up in stage when STONE LOVE was playing, and got big ups from the selecta himself. And he did some advertising for MR VEGAS (TOMORROW @ GötaKällare, can't say it enough times). Vi dansade så mycket att Erik inte ens kunde stå still och drog fram kameran :) After everything I went up on stage and said thanks to the selecta who was pleased with our jamsession...
Will soon enough post a likkle clips from di concerts and Stone Lovee jammin :D
(dont even ask where my swenglish comes from) //Q


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