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What's goin on..

A whole lot, dats why we are so bad at updates..
We were at Streetstar last weekend and danced our asses of pon di dancehall floor aswell as at Nuh Linga!!
Soon we're leaving for Jamaica so we're preparing everything for the trip :) All our classes is on an goin and we just had audition for AQceS Dancerz and they had their first class today. We went through the history of dancehall and discussed for almost 3 hours :) When u get us goin it's hard to stop us hhahha.. And soon we'll have a new blog page for all of u to follow... Plus were plannin what work we have to do next so yes, we're BUSY :) But hopefully the blog will be up and running with more frequent updates.. And from Jamaica, as long as we have internet!!
Take care...

STREETSTAR Juste Debout Competition TOODAAAY!

Okay ya'll know whats goin on.. See ya there! :) MAAAAAAD! I'm soo hyped!!




För dig som vill dedikera din tid och satsa på dancehall i en noga utvald grupp som tränar tillsammans för utvecklas individuellt och tillsammans för att dansa, representera och uppträda :)

AUDITION för AQceS Dancerz... [attenda på facebook här]

Hålls under vecka 5. Onsdagen den 26 Januari kl 19-21
Signalisten, Hagalundsgatan 9, Solna
Auditionen kommer att bestå av 3 delar:
1. Koreografi del där du kommer att få lära sig en koreografi av oss, och sedan dansa denna i grupp.
2. Du ska ha förberett ett solo till valfri låt, som ska vara mellan 20 - 40 sekunder.
3. Du kommer få dansa en freestyle del :)
I och med att Du gör en audition är Du bunden till AQceS, dvs om Du blir erbjuden en plats i gruppen, 
med det menas att Du redan har tackat JA till platsen och måste då betala terminsavgiften!
Detta för att man inte ska kunna ta upp någon annans plats, då vi även lägger ner stor tanke bakom hur vi väljer gruppen!!

Kommer man med i AQceS Stängda ska man även gå torsdagsklassen den Öppna AQceS klassen kl. 20.30. Terminsavgiften blir alltså 1400kr..

Hagalundsgatan 9, Solna 
Genom stora gatuentrén, dörren till vänster, en trappa ned. 

T-banan blå linjen mot Akalla (om du kommer från stan) gå av Solna Centrum.
sedan går du en 10 minuters promenad upp till Hagalund, de blå stora höghusen.
Buss från Solna Centrum - Linje 513 eller linje 505X till Södra Långgatan
Linje 513 till Hagalunds kyrka
Linje 509 till Solna Station 

Pendeltåg mot Märsta till (om du kommer från stan) Solna Station och gå upp mot dem blåa husen. 
Se bifogad bild för gångvägar till lokalen eller sök på och

STREETSTAR Juste Debout Competition this weekend! Streetdance festival

Di event pon FACEBOOK
January 28-29, Solnahallen - Stockholm - Sweden

four day event with some of the greatest dancers
and activities for everybody...

• Juste Debout Scandinavia
• Breaking Masters
• Voguing battles
• Waacking battles

• Show cases
• Live artists
• Workshops
• International dj's
• Afterparty

...and much more!

SATURDAY - MoneyDreamSound will play DANCEHALL for all of us, so u have to come and show the rest of the dance world here in Sweden what we're all about!

As usual all the international guests share their knowledge at the workshops on Thursday 27th and Sunday 30th. Check the website for more info. And you just have to try BENNY NINJAs class, my good he is FAB!!
Friday January 28 - Preselections & Quaterfinals
Doors open: 16:00-23:00
Saturday January 29 - Finals
Doors open: 12:00-23:00
in advance: 1 day ticket 170 SEK
2 day ticket 320 SEK
at venue: 1 day ticket 200 SEK
More info on our website


I'M CRAVING FOR THE LOBSTER FROM HELLSHIRE.... OH MY GOD, I WANT IT NOOW... But I'll get it veeeeeeeeeerry soon :D Not soon enough though...
// Queline..


As we always said... It's coming, it's growing, it's evolving, it's spreading :)
But just like Hip Hop n other streetstylez it becomes commercialized when it's no longer pon the strett...
Guess it has to, to survive but let's just pray that people will try to get di RAW dancehall deal out deh. Cuz dat's what I fell inlove with :D

RE RUN | PASSA PASSA/Weddi Weddi from our trip 2009 + VIDEOs

MY GOOD, can't believe it's been 2 years already.. We wrote about this WONDERFUL night/morning at PASSA PASSA, march 2009, earlier and you can find that post below...
And here u finally have the VIDEOs.
Here you have the post again:
Look what I found.. Over one year later :) From our first trip to Jamrock.
DJ YANGSTAR promoting a new riddim, Rebellious Riddim @ PASSA PASSA (63) 2009, Kingston, Jamaica. Maestro and the whole Passa passa crew give big ups to the Swedish Fam. U'll also see artists RDX, dancer BermudaKid & Bonecrusher doin di 90'z rock...
In the back we have the "Dance for Grace" movie crew which was there to make the movie, dancer Damien "Gana Gana", Not Nice, Maestro, Alex & Blaze... And a bottle of Kush :)
Before we got to Passa Passa we went to our first Weddi Weddi... It turned out to be the best wenseday we've ever had on Jamaica so far, even if u compare to 2010.
Enough & dancer Damien "Gana Gana"
Popeye & Tyquan jammin with di Swedish Fam
Somehow we ended up as the last pic on the big screen at Weddi :)
Enough wi seh!
In the car on out way to Passa Passa
Ravers Clavers & MEDUSA in the videolight
Paranoid - It's was their newest ting then...
This is a clip we found on utube. Selected clips from the party DVD, catchin the vibe pretty good.. It was actually after 7 in the morning when the Swedish ladies totally went for it. It was MAAAD fun :)
Skillz Mad ah road..
Even Yangstar was feelin di vibez dat night
Alex, Medusa & Steph
Enough showcasin NO DAGGARING ;) We had to cuz the guys was chasin our asses, hahah. Go aweh..
Maestro & DJ Yangstar @ PassaPassa - Mad love and big ups!
Go hard or go home
We we're the last ones to leave Tivoli Gardens...
The legendary dancin shoes - Enough
This year, 2010, you barely got the party started and then they shut Passa Passa off. We really hope that things will solve in Jamaica and that Passa can be the best party again... :)

COME N CELEBRATE our bday this saturday - Nuh Linga

Heey everybody! As u may know both me n Steph had a birthday earlier this week.. Yes we're born on the same day :)
Anyways, I've decided to celebrate this saturday at NUH LINGA.. So come n celebrate with me and the MoneyDreamSOund birthday boys :) Twang System will also be there to bless us with some GOOD GOOD music.
See U There // Queline