Collabo again - Fi all di White Out & Chekkaz lovers...

We wrote about the two "newstyle" dancegroups in JA, that made a Collabo, N now their back again with som new steps fi 2011.

New Dancez from:

Chekkaz Page - StarBwoy
White Out - Watch Mi Step
Sashie Cool - Tun Up
Simple Flexx - Let Mi Go

STAR BWOY NICE :D Love it nice vibe n not just I love the song ;)
Watch me step - feels like a step u'll fall into when u don't know what else to do.. seems easy.
Tun up - it nice, def somthing i think i would see the NewYork dudes do! Good!
Let mi go - jus look straight like a standing up versin of Ovamarz newsest ting "Now U See Me, Now U dont", although I've believe I've seen these crews do this one berfore I saw Ovamarz... HMMM :D



You've already seen our and DoubleTrouble's part in the Generation Show we made this summer... Here u have our students AQce'S part of the show, with the sneakpeak from us... ENJOY!!

Soon open house classes again... 13 jan 2011

And this is what we did last time...


Here you have it, THE GULLY GRINCH made by us, Enough, performed by our students and ofcourse AQceS. Thanks everybody for a wonderful DanceXperience. See ya'll next year, 13 jan - open house which means freee danceclasses all day with ENOUGH :)

Enjoy! And watch ALL PARTS !! :D
Linda (AQceS Dancerz) as The Grinch

New York - Dem shell it dung

Ok, was suppose to write about the guys from New York who SHELL DUNG DI PLACE ova dere.. But found the clip from when Ravers Clavers was there so this time we shine the light on all of them. Havent seen beer n pencil dance dis much since loong time. Here u got it... Di fluffy gyal deh, good! What can we say we like it :D! Except di girl on girl action haha.. ENJOY!

A Dance Class With ENOUGH

Just hade to give u a likkle peak of what we're doin ova here when we not pon di streets of Kingston. A clip from one of our classes a couple of weeks ago. There is (almost) always more than just dancin a gwaan... PARTY PEOPLE :D Enjoy!


Okay, don't get me wrong it is NICE that they for example had Dancehall as a part of the So U Think U Can Dance in Canada. It's good, creating more people to get in touch with dancehall.. BUT they should show us what dancehall really IS! Cuz they still commercialize it... Some moves is from the dancehall scene but that daancehall feelin is laacking (according to me).
And ofcourse dancehall is evolving like any other dance that comes from di streets. But I still feel we need to show the world som PROPER dancehall and some OLD SCHOOL dancehall FIRST so they know what it's reaaaally about.
I mean check this out!!

And here we have tha master himself.. RIP! No words needed! (at 7.34)
THAT FEEELING, that attitude, that performance... that mode - LOVE IT.
And compare to the So U Think U Can Dance, we'll they ain't got SH*T on them, hahaha...
Much LOve // Queline Enough

OLD clips of ENOUGH - Ung08 09

:) Goosh, found this on the computer last night.. and just had to put it up pon the page 4 u guys to see. This was a while ago, summer of 2009 to be exact.
Herregud, hittade det här på datorn igår kväll, var bara tvungen att dela med oss av detta. Ett uppträdande från UNG08 2009, känns som hundra år sedan. (Allt för mäktiigt att det ska börja hagla där på siista koreografin)

Chekkazz brought all dancers together...

...atleast for a while, look at this clip from limelight, tell me WHEN did you see di dancers all together like this?

THE STIFF - He was a worthless guy... ;)

This is a hilarious clip from the first year we were in Jamaica. After taking a swim with the dolphins in Negril we had to dance to get warm. The dolphin intructors joined in... OH MY GOD, ketch our move THE STIFF and us trying to do paranoid and gallis swing, which was new steps at the time. HAHAHHA... C'mon ppl we got it doown good, learning jamaican how fi dweet dancehall :D GOOD!

DANCEHALL QUEENS on a whoole other level

OK, this MAD! Seriously.. They got it on lock ova in the big apple wi tell yuh! I'm afraid these ladies are taking dancehallqueen style to a whooole other level and the rest of the world is fallin behind. Dont try this at home people! Dem BAAADD! CRAAZY BIG UPS to these ladies, dem go a lock it!


Yoo.. here u got the first clip from the dancehall queen contest on youtube...
And yes we're working on the rest of them.. BUT we have SOOO MUCH to do right now. Soon though.. ENJOY!

ENOUGH & DoubleTrouble - Generation show

Som ni vet så dansade vi med 5 GENETRATIONS of DANCEHALL på ung08 scenen i somras.. Här får ni ett litet smakprov från oss och Franci o Melpo aka Double Trouble.


How many times do we have to expalin this to people... GOOOOOOD! This is more like ragga or sumthin?


Hallå Gott Folk!!  Här kommer ett Klipp som filmades från Mr Vegas spelningen på GK.. Som jag i tidigare inlägg nämner så gick en Enough Senior (förälder) upp på scen och representera!! 

Checka in Enoughs Official Senior Debute 2.09 Min....
Go Moma Go!!!!!  SÅÅÅÅJAAAA

Well u know we dance but u never seen our classes...

Here is a little clip from the intermediate class in dancehall, enjoy :) Feel free to leave a comment here or on Utube.
Ett klipp från fortsättningsklassen, så ni får se lite av vadf vi brukar lära ut. Lämna gärna någon comment här eller på youtube.

WHY is there (almost) only girls dancin DANCEHALL in Sweden? Where is all the MEN?

For all u non-swedish-speaking readers, all you need to know about this post is that I am MIGHTY upset that there is only girls that dance dancehall in Sweden... WHY???? I think I know why...

Cuz people has this picture of dancehall being all girly and shakin ur ass, and not really being qualified as a proper dancestyle, but oh how wrong u can be, IT IS A PROPER DANCE STYLE. Although it's not all about the teqnique the base is in theater and FEEEELING. Without it u ain't got nuttin...
Sure, parts of dancehall is about standing on ur head or shakin what ya mam gave ya, but that is just the dancehall queen stuff, there is soooo much more to it. As we say below there is 90% men dancin in Jamaica, and trust me they are NOT shakin their asses AT ALL.

Posted this like two months ago on my facebook:

Ok ja det finns fler än gamla Crime Squad som dansar dancehall men inte straight som på Jamaica. Står tillsammans i ett crew, gör steg tillsammans, en leder resten hänger på och härmar men gör alltid allt med sitt eget flow. Ahh, I just love it.. Like back in the days:

Mr.Vegas Niight...

Halloj.. snabbt inlägg... Såg att Sidney har lagt upp ett klipp från när vi med Double Trouble samt sabina och Nathalie (AQceS) körde på Mr.Vegas spelningen i Torsdags.. (Klipp framifrån kommer så småningom).. 

Denna kväll var riktigt Niice faktiskt!!!  

Såå stolta vi var över min Kära Mor som gick upp på scen o visade var Enough Seniors går för då Mr vegas körde Heads High!!  Momas 2 di world (ALLTID)!!!  Både Min (stephenie) och Jacqies mamma kom och supportade oss, vilket var riktigt kul att de var där och fick se en annan sida av vårt dansliv på Klubb!!

BACK A YARD, have you seen it?

When we got home from our first Jamaica trip we got so inspired that we made a show called BACK A YARD, which is a tribute to the dancehall culture in Jamaica. It has quite many similarities to our first PASSA PASSA we ever went to, read about it here.
We've done this show on serveral occasions and I would say it's a keeper. Here is one of the versions from last summer :) ENJOY!

But first, WHO IS WHO...

Dancer Colo Colo?                                            Marie our student?
Sherlock Shizzle?                                         Sabina our student?
Ding Dong Ravers Clavers ?                               Natalie our student?
Thumandi our student?                          John Hype with the jamaican ladies?
Rasta tourguide w di crazy laugh from YouTube ?               Agnes our student?
Enough & Mike?                                                   Global Dancers?
DJ Yangstar aka Mike?  Belinda our student?
This last one, my god, they could be sibling 4 real!!!
Now you're aloud to watch di clip :) Show starts at 02.09.
Don't forget to leave a comment! What did u guys think?


Här kommer äntligen det efterlängtade klippet från Tyresö Dance Awards :) Galet med teater och dans, wii love it!
Tjejerna knep första platsen i dancehallkatergorin... Vill du läsa mer om det kan du göra det HÄR! Enjoy :)

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