Haffla Thursdays & Midsummer Latino

DJ YANGSTAR and residents DJ MARIMBA (N.E.P) och JEXPERT was playing goood tunes all night. After a crazy night wid PARTY CUPs and dancing at Haffla Thursdays (Party Thursdays) @ Mosebacke, the Swedish Fam enjoyed midsummers eve together with some cake, candy and tacos. And today we're off to Midsummer Latino where DANJAH & ENOUGH (19.00) MELPO w Enough (16.35) and AQCES DANCERZ (17.05) will perform. We'll also have a likkle barbeque out on the field, so gather ur frens & fam and come and join us at Eggeby Gård today - Subway station Husby or Rinkeby and then walk.

DUDUS The President of Tivloi Gardens now captured

So it has happened, and I never thought he would be captured... But now he is and they'll hand him over to USA. I'm pretty sure that he will get a lifesentence! Apparently the State of Emergency will continue cuz the government wants to try n clean up the streets which is good, although I do NOT trust the jamaican police/military that is suppose to take care of this. Hopefully some of them are honest men but does it matter when the rest is corrupt?

I only hope that the innocent people will stop getting hurt and that the tourists can start coming back since jamaica loose soo much money beacuse nobody wants to go their for vacation.

Take ur time and watch the whole clips... People need to know what a gwaan!
On another note, did u see in the second clip where the parlament has their meeting... When they agree wid what is said, they clap their hand pon di table... Just like people do in the club when a MAAAAD tune comes out of the speakers.. Hahahaha I love Jamaica!

PASSA PASSA/Weddi Weddi from our trip 2009

Look what I found.. Over one year later :) From our first trip to Jamrock.

DJ YANGSTAR promoting a new riddim, Rebellious Riddim @ PASSA PASSA (63) 2009, Kingston, Jamaica. Maestro and the whole Passa passa crew give big ups to the Swedish Fam. U'll also see artists RDX, dancer BermudaKid & Bonecrusher doin di 90'z rock...

In the back we have the "Dance for Grace" movie crew which was there to make the movie, dancer Damien "Gana Gana", Not Nice, Maestro, Alex & Blaze... And a bottle of Kush :)

Before we got to Passa Passa we went to our first Weddi Weddi... It turned out to be the best wenseday we've ever had on Jamaica so far, even if u compare to 2010.
Enough & dancer Damien "Gana Gana"

Popeye & Tyquan jammin with di Swedish Fam

Somehow we ended up as the last pic on the big screen at Weddi :)
Enough wi seh!

In the car on out way to Passa Passa

Ravers Clavers & MEDUSA in the videolight

Paranoid - It's was their newest ting then...

This is a clip we found on utube. Selected clips from the party DVD, catchin the vibe pretty good.. It was actually after 7 in the morning when the Swedish ladies totally went for it. It was MAAAD fun :)

Skillz Mad ah road..

Even Yangstar was feelin di vibez dat night

Alex, Medusa & Steph

Enough showcasin NO DAGGARING ;) We had to cuz the guys was chasin our asses, hahah. Go aweh..

Maestro & DJ Yangstar @ PassaPassa - Mad love and big ups!

Go hard or go home

We we're the last ones to leave Tivoli Gardens...

The legendary dancin shoes - Enough

This year, 2010, you barely got the party started and then they shut Passa Passa off. We really hope that things will solve in Jamaica and that Passa can be the best party again... :)


AIDONIA, Suhverto, Enough, Melpo, FireDiBlackz represent

This one will be in swedish, cuz I don't have time to rewrite it :)

Kom hem idag och kände att det var på tiden o blogga lite.. Och uppdatera om AIDONIA :)
Vart ska man börja.. Viben var nice och det kom lagom med folk, speciellt med tanke på att det faktiskt inte är så jättemånga som känner till Aidonia, tyvärr. Om du är en av dem så är det på tiden att du checka in hans stuff, cuz he GOOD! Vi stod på scen tillsammans med Melpo. FireDiBlackz samt Sicka var också upp på scen och vibade med Aidonia och Suhverto.

Det blev en hel del hypade tunes, tror hans spelade alla låtar jag någonsin hört från honom. Swedish Fam stod och DOG från och till på sidan av scenen.. Speciellt när Heart is Hers tonade upp i högtalarna. Och efter en del hets och mutningar... http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/video/video.php?v=10150194762100510 (hopefully soon on utube, for those who aint got facebook)

Japp, lika chockade som ni blev var jag, men det var kul och det handlar om att representera inte bara oss själv utan DANCEHALL 2 DI FULLEST. Visa upp var kulturen är... Det såg vi ALLA till att göra, the dancers I mean.

Now I'm off to dance my ass of :) BLESS


Detta inlägg blir på engelska cuz I felt like it:


So tell mi, why is there so called Dancehall King competitions going on and wtf is that? The guys want a title as the Dancehall Queens has, and I know u wanna represent, I get that. But c'mon, come up with something else, Dancehall Prince or even jus Best Dancehall Male Dancer? I would even say it's disrespectful otherwise.

RIP The one and only, real DANCEHALL KING

And WHEN is there gonna be competitions for both ladies and gents? Cuz the dancehall queen contests need more dancehall moves (aswell as the acrobatics). I know it's comin but just had to make the remark! :) 

And there is too many halfass, bad, not serious, fake competitions going on everywhere. I know people wanna join the dancehall hype but PLEASE do it for the culture and the love (the right reasons) not just to try n make money or a name for urself when u don't even know what it's about. FEEEEED UP with this BS!

ALWAYS TRY TO GET UR FACTS RIGHT, and if ur not sure, ASK! That's what I'm always trying to do, to keep motivated and updated, it's important. Dancehall is still small compared to other genres so it's more fragile and thats also why it soo important! This is why we always talk about the culture, the dancers, artists etc to all the students that we have. EDUCATION is MAAAD IMPORTANT, cuz without it toooo many people will get tricked and confused.

All I'm saying is that my appreciation for the real deal is strong and I believe that if you have anything to do with the dancehall scene (or whatever scene u might be into) u should never stop learning about it.

Just had to give my opinion, especially cuz I'm not the only one, people agree.. GOOD! // Q


Det varit massor av dans för AQceS, uppträdde bl.a. på LAVA i Aquaviva finalen där 22 finalister tävlade om att få uppträda på Midsommar Latino 2010. Efter ett flertal auditions (se tidigare inlägg) valdes 22 finalister ut, vtav dessa skulle 5st tävlande gå vidare.. Det var band, artister, djs och dansuppträdanden som tävlade om de 5 finalistplatserna. Hur gick det då undrar ni? AQceS vann och ska nu uppträda på Midsommar Latino. Yeaay, skit bra jobbat tjejer, speciellt med tanke på att showen är relativt ny och att ni hann träna väldigt lite, så BIG UPs, verkligen. Represent where u come from :) Här nedan kan ni se showen:

Inte nog med det så uppträdde tjejerna på Clarion Hotell dagen innan...

Kapten Morgan - Got a little Captain in you?

Schyssta toaletter hade dem på Clarion

Som vanligt...

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