OH MY VYBZ touch a button nuh

I dont know but I believe that this man wll never stop makin hits.. This one is a tuune from may but I still listen to it. Although I gotta admit I became hype on it bcuz of clip nr 2. I know all of u won't feel the vibe but when u've been there, on the slippery floors of Limelight... Then u'll know.
I think some songs are just made to be enjoyed at the parties ova dere, not on my couch infront of the computer in Sweden. This one is a tune like dat.
I know I complain everyday bout not being in jamrock but I really do miss it so and the LOVE I have for the life ova dere, can't be described :)
BY THE WAY, the selecta palying in this clip is STAINY from Firesound, he will be at the MR VEGAS concert next thursday at GötaKällare DON'T MISS OUT. Tell ur fren dem to come... Och du kan vara 18 om du köper förköp (ej via nätet) och att komma representabel i tid är alltid bra!


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