URF last year... (Soon come update about THIS YEAR)

Been to Uppsala Reggae 2 years in a row :) Here is some photos from last year...
A little clip and a tribute to Melpo & Franci [DoubleTrouble], if u've seen the clips from our first PASSA PASSA u'll recognize what we're doin :) And to BACK A YARDs defense their food at the restauraunt is awesome. Think that they were just unlucky with their food at the festival that year...
Wine pon di leg - Yes it's an actual move we have :D
The weather was awesome!
Plannin the getaway from di officers headin 4 dem in the back ;)

Postat av: ?

jag har letat efter den där låten i tuuuuuuuuuusen åååår.. vad heeeeter den?!?!?!?

2010-08-09 @ 13:41:56
Postat av: VI

Demarco- She Can't wait

2010-08-14 @ 13:39:01

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