New Style Dancehall - Chekkaz & White out collabo, good!

Okay, these two crews has a certain style when they dance, I call it NEW STYLE dancehall. A looot of steppin and another vibe (still NICE) than the steps u see from just two years ago. It also oofcourse includes the style and fashion :) U'll also notice aloooot more choreographed (synched) pices in their dancin than before! It might look easy like anybody can do the steps, and u can but probably NOT with the same feeling, which according to me makes it dancehall! Guys from New York n/or Jersey also has this kind of vibe when they do their thing.

I actually though of this awhile ago, that theese two crews have a similar style and would do nice together..And personally I like it.. What do u think?

Big up Chekkaz & White Out Dancers, looks like they got their shit down :)
I'll post sumthin from the New York people later...
// Queline Enough


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