It was soooo much fun at Nuh Linga! People claims it's the BEST Dancehall Club in Sweden.. well YES IT IS! :) REAL Vybz...
We danced, people broke glasses and tables, people were bleading and bending over backwards. Everybody was goin hard :) We even got the Kingston / New York vibe in di building!
MoneyDream Sound, Enough, Lina & Fire
Lina feeling di vibes
Pop it Sidney
Family n Friends
Lady Dagga Crew
Mike was swaggin while on di mic
N yepp di tables broke!!!
Mellz n her newfound love givin an update bout swedens maddest dancehall club, to everybody in JA n NY :)
And if u missed it, noo worries, we will do it same time this week! Saturday at Blå Bodarna yet again. This time our Melpo Mellz will perform aswell as Advance & Ricky Benz. And ofcourse di whoole Swedish Fam will be there to show some love, bringing u the vibes together with AQceS Dancerz.
Pon FACEBOOK, attend and invite ur friends! THIS SATUDAY!

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