In di Jungle again... Til early maawnin..- 23 jan part 2

....we we're heading out for a niiiice and LONG night inKingston! We got ready.
Heading out - Azulym was di place to be
HAHA this is one of the best photos from this trip! Have noo idea wha gwaan but is must haave been mad fun!
FREAKING ENOYING finnish dudes (sorry but u were) Ok not all of u but one guys was *sorry 4 the language...*shitfaced drunk and kept bumpin into us and we couldnt talk any sense into him. We just thought aight, he's gonna get in trouble @ Azylum (TheBuilding) and the worst thing was, they thought he was with us. Wasn't like we we're hanging out with him but they were standing behind us and white people together, well who wouldn't believe we were in the same clique. BUT NO, SWEDISH FAM is nooooot finnish AIT!!
Damien joined us that night...
After Azylum we didn't know where to go, so we chilled a little outside with Bird n co.
There wasn't any weekly parties that we knew of, but talked to some people and then we headed for Bugle's place. Di jungle!! We we're feeling the vibe and Alex saw somebody's bike and jumped up on it. She even got Bird to take some photos, after that we had a photo session *lol* :D
Dr Bird - Move Dem Up!
Jammin with Move Dem Up.
Ok, the party was almost over anyways BUT as usual the POLICE came and shut it down. By now we had ENOUGH! ONLY press play if ur 18 and over! - GET THE IRONI!!! yepp FOR THOSE OVER 18 AGAIN!!! :)
Before we went home :)
M.O.B ...
And NOO it's not what it looks like at the Photo, he's doin 1 of their signartures The *CRAB* hand, so dont get it twisted!!!!
Kool & Bettie GOOD
Now daats a soundsystem
All dem deh, weh ah dem deh di deh.. See di key deh, lock dem up nuh! Mr Wacky, wi neva forget him...


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