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So tell mi, why is there so called Dancehall King competitions going on and wtf is that? The guys want a title as the Dancehall Queens has, and I know u wanna represent, I get that. But c'mon, come up with something else, Dancehall Prince or even jus Best Dancehall Male Dancer? I would even say it's disrespectful otherwise.

RIP The one and only, real DANCEHALL KING

And WHEN is there gonna be competitions for both ladies and gents? Cuz the dancehall queen contests need more dancehall moves (aswell as the acrobatics). I know it's comin but just had to make the remark! :) 

And there is too many halfass, bad, not serious, fake competitions going on everywhere. I know people wanna join the dancehall hype but PLEASE do it for the culture and the love (the right reasons) not just to try n make money or a name for urself when u don't even know what it's about. FEEEEED UP with this BS!

ALWAYS TRY TO GET UR FACTS RIGHT, and if ur not sure, ASK! That's what I'm always trying to do, to keep motivated and updated, it's important. Dancehall is still small compared to other genres so it's more fragile and thats also why it soo important! This is why we always talk about the culture, the dancers, artists etc to all the students that we have. EDUCATION is MAAAD IMPORTANT, cuz without it toooo many people will get tricked and confused.

All I'm saying is that my appreciation for the real deal is strong and I believe that if you have anything to do with the dancehall scene (or whatever scene u might be into) u should never stop learning about it.

Just had to give my opinion, especially cuz I'm not the only one, people agree.. GOOD! // Q

Postat av: Truth

If some chicks around the world claim the title as "dancehall queens" then its free for all men to compete with the "dancehall king title"

As far as I'm concerned, the real dancehall queens are women like Carlene or Angel.

I think its great that they host competitions for men.

And as far as those lousy european dancehall competitions...well they are pure jokes.

9 out of 10 Promoters don't have a qlue how to organize a real dancehall competition, and like you wrote, they are in it for the money and trend.

Nowadays they got the "official" one in Italy..but what's the point when we see the same countries each year...Sweden is never in it, Denmark neither.

Anyways, big up to the real Jamaican dancehall queens.

2010-06-19 @ 17:16:59
Postat av: Queline

Thanks 4 the comment... Well said, and I definitly agree, and it's good with the competition for guys, but they should NOT call it dancehall king contest, that's all Im saying.

For many of the woman that want to compete there is only the dancehall queen contest and there u should always do the dancehall queen stuff, and If u dont, then u probably won't win. So I would like a competition where there is not needed to go pon ur head to win. But I guess that the dancehall Queen competition will change evetually and you can even tell that it has if you look at competitions from a couple of years ago and today.

I believe we might have a dancehall Queen in Italy this year but not sure.


2010-06-19 @ 19:41:11
Postat av: Truth

Well I cannot really say that I agree with your statement because if you look at the written words above it says:

" So I would like a competition where there is not needed to go pon ur head to win. But I guess that the dancehall Queen competition will change evetually "

Do you remember the white Canadian winner in St James, "MoMo" the long thin slim white chick....she won...the contest in Montego..without any form of skin showing or dutty whining or standing on her head, she simply took Mertials Dance tunes and did all the moves in 2 minutes or less....and out of all the women that did compete she was the winner IN JAMAICA, so that shows us that no standing on the head is needed.

But as for the European DHQ contest...yeah they love the female type of dancing..the more you shake your ass the bigger your chance of winning is.

I'm still ashamed of the female dancehall competitions in sweden because its always the same females that compete and dance..and no promoter can create one official event so I dont even count in Sweden as the dancehallqueen title goes.

I might seem strange for saying this but.... 9 out of 10 girls who dance dancehall in sweden dont understand the lyrical content of the tunes....and its a sad sight.

Atleast you know Jamaica and jamaiacan culture well because you been to the country and understand the history but most of these younger girls don't, which is sad. They are in it because they like the style and music but that's where it stops.

Oh me...I don't need to DHQ title, that's not my style, In my world.....Dancehall queens come and fade away but we, real dancers stay.


2010-06-21 @ 17:58:45
Postat av: Jessica

Hi! I couldn't agree with you more. Brought up the subject myself a few weeks ago.

I think it's sad to see what dancehall has evolved into in Sweden. A few years ago it was a big hype, and people were really interested in learning more but it feels like it stopped there.. When dancehall competitions are all about standing on the head and dutty wining...It seems to be about the same steps all the time, people don't educate themself no more about the culture and dance moves..

The competitions just seems to be about being seen and that people just are doing it for the trend and for the attention.. it's all for the wrong reasons.

You do it for the love of the dance and music. If you're really in to what you're doing - learn and educate yourself more about it.. That's what I'm trying to do.. to learn more. The best way if you can is to travel to the country were it has it's roots..

By the way, I think I said it before but I LOVED your performance at Aidonia concert! You're bringing something new and the Dancehall scene here in Sweden neeeeeeeds it!

Keep it up!


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