DUDUS The President of Tivloi Gardens now captured

So it has happened, and I never thought he would be captured... But now he is and they'll hand him over to USA. I'm pretty sure that he will get a lifesentence! Apparently the State of Emergency will continue cuz the government wants to try n clean up the streets which is good, although I do NOT trust the jamaican police/military that is suppose to take care of this. Hopefully some of them are honest men but does it matter when the rest is corrupt?

I only hope that the innocent people will stop getting hurt and that the tourists can start coming back since jamaica loose soo much money beacuse nobody wants to go their for vacation.

Take ur time and watch the whole clips... People need to know what a gwaan!
On another note, did u see in the second clip where the parlament has their meeting... When they agree wid what is said, they clap their hand pon di table... Just like people do in the club when a MAAAAD tune comes out of the speakers.. Hahahaha I love Jamaica!


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