Haffla Thursdays & Midsummer Latino

DJ YANGSTAR and residents DJ MARIMBA (N.E.P) och JEXPERT was playing goood tunes all night. After a crazy night wid PARTY CUPs and dancing at Haffla Thursdays (Party Thursdays) @ Mosebacke, the Swedish Fam enjoyed midsummers eve together with some cake, candy and tacos. And today we're off to Midsummer Latino where DANJAH & ENOUGH (19.00) MELPO w Enough (16.35) and AQCES DANCERZ (17.05) will perform. We'll also have a likkle barbeque out on the field, so gather ur frens & fam and come and join us at Eggeby Gård today - Subway station Husby or Rinkeby and then walk.


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