PASSA PASSA/Weddi Weddi from our trip 2009

Look what I found.. Over one year later :) From our first trip to Jamrock.

DJ YANGSTAR promoting a new riddim, Rebellious Riddim @ PASSA PASSA (63) 2009, Kingston, Jamaica. Maestro and the whole Passa passa crew give big ups to the Swedish Fam. U'll also see artists RDX, dancer BermudaKid & Bonecrusher doin di 90'z rock...

In the back we have the "Dance for Grace" movie crew which was there to make the movie, dancer Damien "Gana Gana", Not Nice, Maestro, Alex & Blaze... And a bottle of Kush :)

Before we got to Passa Passa we went to our first Weddi Weddi... It turned out to be the best wenseday we've ever had on Jamaica so far, even if u compare to 2010.
Enough & dancer Damien "Gana Gana"

Popeye & Tyquan jammin with di Swedish Fam

Somehow we ended up as the last pic on the big screen at Weddi :)
Enough wi seh!

In the car on out way to Passa Passa

Ravers Clavers & MEDUSA in the videolight

Paranoid - It's was their newest ting then...

This is a clip we found on utube. Selected clips from the party DVD, catchin the vibe pretty good.. It was actually after 7 in the morning when the Swedish ladies totally went for it. It was MAAAD fun :)

Skillz Mad ah road..

Even Yangstar was feelin di vibez dat night

Alex, Medusa & Steph

Enough showcasin NO DAGGARING ;) We had to cuz the guys was chasin our asses, hahah. Go aweh..

Maestro & DJ Yangstar @ PassaPassa - Mad love and big ups!

Go hard or go home

We we're the last ones to leave Tivoli Gardens...

The legendary dancin shoes - Enough

This year, 2010, you barely got the party started and then they shut Passa Passa off. We really hope that things will solve in Jamaica and that Passa can be the best party again... :)


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