Danjah, Queline Enough & FireDiBlackz @ Sean Paul concert in Oslo pt 1

On our way to Oslo the controllers were protestin so our plane got delayed 3 hours, half the plane left and took the train or sumthin and JacQie was sleeping almost the whole time so she hardly even noticed...

And this was the food they said we got as compensation for the delayed flight HAHA, breakfeast anyone?
We got off the plane, happy to finally be in Norway, and then JacQie remembered she forgot her bag on the plane, so that took another half hour!
And the most hilarious part was when they, of all people, stopped the black foreign guy AND a mulatto pregnant swedish woman in the costums, looking at her asking: Are u from Sweden? While checkin her passport. SERIOUSLY, did she look like a terrorist and since when does the terrorists coem from Sweden??!! Must have been a question bout race :/
After all that hussle our driver came to pic us up and we finally reached the Grand Hotel in Oslo, got some rest, went on a little shopping spree and got ready for the soundcheck.
Our soundcheck... GOSH, they never make any space for the dancers ever, but we're not just anyone so we DEMANDED our space :D A quick shower at the hotel, got ready and off to the concert...


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