Headin for Blue Mountains... ? - 23 jan PART 1

wWoke up feeling adveturous so we thought let's go to the Blue Mountains. On the way there...
A real Island Grill.. Stew anyone?
Hm... Bettie "Anybody want's some" with the orange crumbles around her mouth ;)
Stephie goes "I dont really like CheezeZillas."
Everybody's reaction: ERRRRRRH??? WTF!
Niki had to stop the car!! WHO does not LOVE the zillas, my god!
We found JacQie's car on the way. Thank god, thought it was gone forever since that midget stole it. Ok, we thought maybe she should've just let him have it, since she doesnt even fit in it... LOONGLEGS *moahhhahhaa*.
Hahaa! Bcuz of our "low-rider" we had to walk instead. Bettie's african vibe came out n she carried the waterbottle on her head.
Niki got distracted.
Heading home before dark... Cuz we had a dinner to attend to... And cook/make. Yepp, TACO night was on at Lady Sarahs house! On the way there we saw a man chillin pon di road, in a couch. Haha, had to snap a photo in the speed.
Yepp, while some of us were...
The rest of us...
Dinner was awesome, but we all were craaaazy tired...
Well we all needed a good powernap cuz...


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