JIM SCREECHIE - Dancehall a run tings again | SPICE

Ok, this riddim is soooo nice. Alex came home with it in september and it's hitting BIG. And they just finished the medley video.

The medley starts of with T.O.K [Craigy T], we met him when they we're in Sweden but the photo was so dark u couldn't see shit :) So u just have to believe our word for it. It was fun cuz we started to talk about Jamaica and how Craigy T resemble a "friend" of ours. He was laughing sayin it wasn't the first time people asked if their related or sumthin. Then we got into how they were workin at the studio next to our house Back A Yard, but we never visited. Felt lame to hang in the studio just becuz they we're there, and we told him that. He was like, No, you should've come by, next time u have to, promise! We promised.

Anyways we hear Craigy T singin "Dancehall a run tings again..." - Well we f***ing need dancehall to run tings, STOP SHUTTING DOWN DI DANCHEALL PARTIES!!!

Back to the riddim, after T.O.K it's J.O.E - Smokin up som threes, n sings about how he haffi blaze :) Then it's TIMBERLEE singing "We love dance like shoes loves socks..." - Hahah, fyndigt as we would say in swedish :D KEMIKAL goes "Lalalalaaa la la la lalaa, and the old gallis story, him baby motha wex"- Dis is not the best one of the bunch :/ SHANZ brining a little soulish r&b vibe to the riddim, quite nice, "Come closer to me bwooy". VERSATILE doin it dancehall mode "Eyh girl, tek di dancefloor n wine up"

SPICE MAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!! SHE MURDER EVERYBODY ELSE -  "Secret love ouh it feel good soo, nobody haffi kno between me n yuh, sccccccchhhhh, jump di backfence, caah mi neighbour aah pree". SÅÅÅÅÅJA SPICE!!!! And last but not least RDX, doin what they do with their "Bubble bubble bubble, wibble woobble wibble, back it up and wine it up girl". But seriously, they have to start singing about the swedish people soon, äääh it will come :)
Ouh just to be clear, the lyrics above is just from di songs, it's not the name of di tunes :) Btw you also have Beenie Man - Beat Dem Badd and Aidonia - Jackhammer on the riddim. Look it up! And here is the bahind the scene footage of the music video medley. Check out the end! hahha..


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