A nice friday pon di beach, pon di corner, pon limelight

This day was all about doin nothing but chiiiilll with nice ppl!
Good food pon di beach
It's a nice sunday evening, a cool afternoon, nobody has to work, no nobody goes to school, sidung pon di corner, joke around n act a fool, "sumthin sumthin" play domino and Alex is playing poool...
All the names of the members (or the has beens) of Ravers Clavers pon di closet
Just takin it easy all day, made us quite tired but we went out anyways and it turned out to be a good night even though many people stayed at home. Probably bcuz of the crazy night before, (weddy, passa passa, mumzell, street team). I mean even if the dancers ova dere party all the time, they also need to take a break. Well some of them atleast.. Exhausted or not, u ain't got time to sleep when ur in Jamaica, nto if ur the Swedish Fam!
Enough pon di road
Shizzle Sherlock & Niki
Queline, Mike DJ Yangstar, Alex @ Limelight  don't we look all matchy
And as usual...
Xpression, Shelly Belly & BoneCrusher where keeping the party going, even when most people lef...
Hahaha.. Bonecrusher couldn't MANAGE, he caaaaaaaaan't manage. Shelly Belly is crazy, notice how he moves to the freakin beat while doin di dagga pon 3 girls. His hairdo says it all!


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