RECAP - Mr Vegas in Stockholm

Remember that Mr Vegas was here? This is the recap...

Selectas givin us the best music on earth, DANCEHALL :D
French Maid Alexandra [ENOUGH]
Captain Steph [ENOUGH]
MS OFFICER Natalie [AQceS Dancerz]
Ok, now u know where Steph got it from... Watch her moma pon di stage. From 02.00
If you didnt catch our perfomance watch it here... HJÄLP :D
QuelineEnough & Advance
Brothers for liife and beyond.

Lidia & Imenella

OJ OJ OJ.. What have we done with this one [AQceS Dancerz]
FRANCI.. Double Toruble wi seh.
Momas :) Big Moma Enough & Sarah ColeCraft - LOOKING GOOD!

Thanks to everybody who came out that night :) We had e blast, big up to Nuh Linga, Kings Music Production, Double Trouble, AQceS Dancerz, Selecta Keon, Dj Flash, Dj Shirkan, Patuu and everybody else who were there!



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