We're jammin & party @ Pure again | Above & Shady

More on our latest trip to jam...
Hade hört att Conray undervisade i dans i stan så vi drog dit och jamade lite... House, Vouge, Breaking, we went through the whole list of dances. Even did some weights :)
Then we stopped by Little Tokyo for some food and good company... Learning the squad some swedish, they caught on QUICK! Shady were being SHADY :) AND if u understand swedish u have to be 18 and over, because of the faul language (sorry bout that we were extremely tired and this might be the result of to little sleep :/) Viewers discretion is advised.
As always we went out.. First we went to Kno Limit.
And then to pure where we were having a good time with Ovamarz & Above A Dem :)
Swedish Fam, Ovamarz & Darren
Haha Mikey & Pelpa good..
Hahaha, Ovamarz wicked :) Bless


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