What's goin on..

A whole lot, dats why we are so bad at updates..
We were at Streetstar last weekend and danced our asses of pon di dancehall floor aswell as at Nuh Linga!!
Soon we're leaving for Jamaica so we're preparing everything for the trip :) All our classes is on an goin and we just had audition for AQceS Dancerz and they had their first class today. We went through the history of dancehall and discussed for almost 3 hours :) When u get us goin it's hard to stop us hhahha.. And soon we'll have a new blog page for all of u to follow... Plus were plannin what work we have to do next so yes, we're BUSY :) But hopefully the blog will be up and running with more frequent updates.. And from Jamaica, as long as we have internet!!
Take care...


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