Collabo again - Fi all di White Out & Chekkaz lovers...

We wrote about the two "newstyle" dancegroups in JA, that made a Collabo, N now their back again with som new steps fi 2011.

New Dancez from:

Chekkaz Page - StarBwoy
White Out - Watch Mi Step
Sashie Cool - Tun Up
Simple Flexx - Let Mi Go

STAR BWOY NICE :D Love it nice vibe n not just I love the song ;)
Watch me step - feels like a step u'll fall into when u don't know what else to do.. seems easy.
Tun up - it nice, def somthing i think i would see the NewYork dudes do! Good!
Let mi go - jus look straight like a standing up versin of Ovamarz newsest ting "Now U See Me, Now U dont", although I've believe I've seen these crews do this one berfore I saw Ovamarz... HMMM :D



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